What is carburetor?

What is carburetor?
  • The carburetor is the heart of ICE .
  • It is a device that mixes air and fuel for gasoline engine in the proper air–fuel ratio for combustion.

Working– TPS in BS carburetor to achieve:

1) smooth throttle response

2) Optimised fuel economy better fuel of power
  • It atomise the fuel and mix the fuel mix in form of the spray.
  • The Regulated mixture of air and fuel is send to cylinder for optimum burning.
  • The carburetor uses the principal of sprayer
  • When the piston  pushed inside, the velocity of air get increases and pressure get decreases at the outlet of reservoir .
  • The liquid in reservoir is at higher atmospheric pressure .This pressure difference results in the rising the liquid
  • The spray is used  in the air passage for air flow from air filter to engine .
  • The constriction at the centre of venturie .
  • The top of the constristion is at low pressure this causes the fuel to rise and it emerges from the top.
  • The fuel mixes with the top and the air fuel mixture is then send to engine
  • As the throttle open speed increase
According to the speed at which the vehicle is running the carburetor uses the appropriate circuit for the delivery of fuel .
1) Piston type throttle valve carburetor
  • In piston type throttle valve carburetor, piston valve controls the venturie size, which is directly operated by throttle cable.
2) Butterfly slide type throttle valve carburetor.
  • Butterfly valve is located after piston valve and shown by throttle cable.
  • When butterfly valve is open  the velocity of gas in passage increases due to the suction of engine and pressure drops at venturie area .
  • when the pressure drops in venturie the pressure in above chamber of the diaphragm also drop due to the hole provided in the Piston valve.
  • Because of  pressure difference between upper chamber and lower chamber ,  the Piston and jet needle get lifted up and align .
  • It is clear that the lifting of piston is controlled by the opening  of  butterfly slide valve

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